Mark Ronk

My interest in real estate began in 2009 as a Real Estate Investor. That experience was the catalyst to my real estate career. I became proficient with seeking out on and off-market properties, negotiating the business terms and purchase price and gaining first hand practical knowledge of appreciation, internal rate of return, and the array of sophisticated investment analysis tools.

In 2018 I obtained my Real Estate License so I can help assist beginner or experienced investors/buyers achieve the same level of passive income success that I had accomplished. In addition to my investment services, I also work with all types of home Buyers in search of their dream home and I work with Sellers to list their residential properties of all prices, sizes and locations.

Additionally, I have a lengthy background in home remodeling and construction. I have been the owner and operator of Ronk Construction Company since 2006. As a Licensed Real Estate Professional, there are numerous skills that have helped round out my background in this industry.